Friday, December 12, 2008

Bettie Page Has Passed Away

I had planned to keep all of my postings Christmas related, but I had to make a special post. The legendary Bettie Page has passed away at the age of 85. Many of you had heard that Bettie suffered a heart attack back at the start of the month. She had been on life support ever since then. Bettie Page still remains the queen of pin-ups. She's an iconic figure of the 1950's. I think she helped pave the way for the sexual revolution to come in the 1960's. Bettie was truly remarkable and sexy. There have been many imitators, but nobody is quite like her. I'm incredibly sad and heartbroken to hear of her death. She will be sorely missed. Rest in peace.



Nancy Sinatra Fan said...

Sam and I are both upset to hear that she has died. We had been praying for her, hoping that she would recover. R.I.P.

Keith said...

Thanks Phoebe. I've got a feeling there are plenty of people mourning her passing.

J.D. said...

That's a damn shame about Bettie. She is certainly an icon and I always enjoyed Dave Stevens' homage to her in his ROCKETEER comic book. What did you think of the biopic that came out a few years ago? I thought that Gretchen Mol did a pretty good job as Bettie but the film had its flaws.

gotankgo said...

Sad to hear about her passing. A true legend to many.

Tonygirl said...

I am so sad to hear about this. I loved the film made on her life the actress was wonderful. I love Bettie Page she was a beauty and pioneer.

Keith said...

Hey J.D. Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I was really upset to hear she had died. She's definitely a true icon. I thought Gretchen Mol did a good job as Bettie, but the film certainly had its share of flaws. I would still recommend it to people though.

Keith said...

Hey Scott. Thanks for the comments. That's so true.

Keith said...

Hey Mel. Thanks for the comments. I did really enjoy that film. Bettie's iconic figure of the 50's. She paved the way for so many. She was a very beautiful and fascinating woman.

William Daniels said...

Yes she will be missed. I had read she was in the hospital a couple days ago. She certainly was a part of my life back when I was buying and collecting things. I had quite a little collection of Bettie stuff that I treasured at one time. Sadly it too is all gone now.

And as you know Forrest J. Ackerman passed away last week. Also a part of my early life and an influence on me.I need to do some posts on them on them both at the Cafe.

Keith you always visit me and I do not always have time to return the favor. Please be understanding.

In fact, I launched a new project. One I have been wanted to do for a while and I finally found a template online that I can change the HTML and it has a great look for my newest site called



The theme is newer horror/slasher/gore films

I know it is in bad taste to promote a new blog right after showing respects for a departed icon, but I also wanted you know that lately I have been busy with work and these new ideas I have. Now I need to get back to the cafe and catch up there..

Bye Bettie

Keith said...

Hey Bill. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate them. Bettie will be sorely missed by so many of us. There was quite a lot of Bettie merchandise out there.
I'm sorry you no longer have the Bettie treasures you once had.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Forrest Ackerman. I was a big fan of his. It's awful that we lost him and Bettie within a week's time.

I try to visit the blogs of my friends as much as possible. I just ask that you try to stop by and leave comments when you can. I do enjoy hearing from you. I totally understand if you can't do it every single day. That's fine.

Man, I can't believe you've launched a new project! lol I'll check it out and add links to it on both my blogs. It sounds cool. I don't mind you promoting your new blog up here. Don't worry about it being bad taste to mention it on a post like this one. Good luck with it.

molly said...

she had a fantastic body... may she rest in peace

Keith said...

Hey Molly. Thanks for your comments. Take care.