Monday, August 30, 2010

Fashion Alert: Scarves Spice Up Your Wardrobe!

Scarves have become quite a popular accessory in women's fashion today. I can totally understand why. They really add that extra something special to any ensemble you've put together.

They can worn with so many different looks, whether it's bohemian cool, ultra chic, or whatever else your personal style might be. A scarf looks great paired with some jeans and a white t-shirt. A silk scarf can also compliment that beautiful dress you were going to wear for dinner.

I've seen silk scarves worn in so many versatile ways. I've seen them draped around the head, tied into the hair, worn around the neck or shoulders, around the waist in a wrap, etc. The possibilities seem endless for what you can wear scarves with and how you can wear them. That's why scarves for women are definitely one of the top accessories out there.

It's not just our favorite female celebs who are sporting scarves. I've seen countless women on the street wearing scarves in whatever manner strikes their fancy. You can buy a silk scarf pretty much anywhere these days. You can spend as much or as little as you like on them.

I was recently turned on to a wonderful company that makes and sells the most stunning women's scarves, shawls, tops, dresses, etc. I had to share them with you. They are called Women Clothing Today. You must visit their site. You won't be sorry for it at all. They are a family business based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Each of their silk products is crafted by hand. They aren't mass produced by some machine. These are hand painted scarves, each is unique to itself. They are not only a lovely accessory, but an exquisite piece of art.

The silk products of Women Clothing Today look so soft, beautiful, luxurious, you name it. Silk is quite durable. It will absorb moisture and retain heat. You can wear silk all year round.
You will be the talk of the town with one of these scarves.

I thought I would show you some of my favorites from their women's silk scarves and shawls section.













So what do you think of these? I hope you like them. I sure know I do. They are so beautiful.
I love all the amazing colors and designs that they feature. There are so many more at the website. You'll definitely have to check it out. Visit their Silk Scarves Blog too while you're at it. They have so many wonderful hand painted and hand dyed scarves. Plus there are so many other products at their site as well. I'm sure you will get so many wonderful comments about these scarves when you wear them.

These silk products are colorfast, meaning that their gorgeous coloring won't run or fade. You can wash them. They are well made and of a great quality. Plus they are an affordable price. You will look beautiful and stylish with any of their scarves or other products. They can certainly add some spice to any outfit in your wardrobe. Show off your creativity, individuality, style, etc. with what you wear and how you wear it.

Do you wear scarves? If so, how do you wear them? Let me know what you think. Thank you.


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Seeing as I'm mad about the '60s and '(early) '70s, I've inspired my wife to start wearing these accessories. Not as large as some of the ones depicted here but more as an accent or burst of color to embelish an already-well conceived outfit. Nice fashion sense, Keith.

Lee Oliveira said...

I always think ever single woman should have a nice and soft scarf in their wardrobe.
They can also wear scarves in a very different way.

Nuheila said...

Beautiful scarfs.

Have a great week Keith!


Gisela said...

hi keith!! thanks!!! this week my boyfriend and I will go on holidays a few days, I'm so excited! have a great week you too!!! kisses!!

stilettolover91 said...

Scarfs can be a little granny like sometimes.....

bravegrrl said...

i love scarves. they are one of my favorite accessories! they can be worn so many ways and entirely change an outfit!

Michael St. James said...

Hey Keith! I love scarves and shawls. These are so pretty!

IsauraQuevedo said...

cute blogg

nookie said...

wrapped around my neck like snake:))
hahaha, jocking but something like that:)
love the third one:)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous scarves!


Juliet said...

These are so very beautiful!

juliet xxx

ellie said...

Scarves never go out of style. Always a classic. At the moment I'm working on crocheting a hat. My favorite crochet artist would have to be Afya Ibomu her "get your crochet on! hip hats & cool caps" have to be some of the best patterns I've ever found. I'm always trying to crochet a scarf..but I'd rather make hats.

lorenabr said...

I love them and have a full box of it.
Lovely post!

Grit and Glamour said...

Scarves are incredible accessories...I love them!

♥ V

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Amen Brotha! I love scarves and they are so versatile. I use mine as Umbrellas too :) Pashminas are my main love and these are great... beautiful images!

Gabbi said...

I rarely use them myself, but I love the ideas you posted... I think my fave is the one wrapped around and tied liked a bow on the neck. Very pretty!

Sara Louise said...

excellent post =- really informative !

sexylegsandbody said...

Great job Keith, your post is excellent. Those scarves are fabulous and the model is quite cute too... :-)

Hope your week has been going well.


Glayki said...

soft scarves give style, warm and "take off "the dressing!

ediot said...

really great picks here! i love scarves, and can never get enough... ive got like 60 scarves.. and not enough room for them
have a great week you too-thanks for stopping by!

Taj Acosta said...

What would one do without a scarf? Love em!!