Friday, December 18, 2009

Some Of My Favorite December Playboy Covers, Plus Winner of Cold Plasma Giveaway

Here are some of my favorite Playboy covers from December throughout the years. Nothing says Christmas quite like Playboy. :-) So which of these do you like the best?

The first one of these I actually ever saw was the Joan Collins issue. I found it in one of my uncle's porn stash when I was a young teenager. That definitely made my Christmas that year. :-)











P.S. We have a winnner! The Cold Plasma giveaway is now over and there is a winner. It's Jennifer Fabulous. Congrats to the winner. I have emailed Jennifer for her mailing details.

Jennifer, if you see this before you check your email (I used the email address on your profile) please email me your mailing address and email address if different than the one on your profile. That way I can contact Perricone as soon as possible so they can get your prize sent out.

Thanks to everybody who entered this giveaway. This is the first one I've ever done. I had a lot of fun with it. I hope you did as well. It would be great to do more giveaways in the future. Cheers!


K and S said...

I remember several of these covers and I'd like to see the issues I missed.

Excellent post, my friend!

michelle_ said...

hot girls !
i loved this post dear . keep posting' up good stuffx .

thx for droppin' by and commenting .
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last day to enter my scarf giveaway!

Yum-Yum said...

I love the neon and lingerie combination of the 1976 cover.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I bought a number of those when they came out. ;o)

Terence Sambo said...

ouuuuuuuu i luv d Kim Kardashian cover :o]


My father had a stash in his underwear draw...I could always count on him to bring PB home.....mild by todays standards, but I spent many happy hours looking at and jerking off to those airbrushed honies


Wolf Boy said...

This has got to me one of my favorite posts you've done. I love the covers back in the 1970's. That second cover is my favorite of these all. That one is super hot.

Nancy Sinatra Fan said...

These are some really nice covers. I love the one of Kim. I watch her show religiously.

Congratulations to Jennifer for winning your giveaway.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Yayyy!! I'm so excited I won! Thanks, Keith. :)
I will e-mail you back right away. You did use the right e-mail if you used the one on my profile.

I love that cover with Brooke Shields. She's so gorgeous.

Zoƫ said...

Thank you!! You too!!


Joan rivers...where are you now?
I love watching Dynasty!
Great weekend Keith

nookie said...

congrats to the winner!kinky covers:)):))

Mrs. M. said...

woah im actally really surprised to see they cost that much in the 70's and 80s. Playboy is kinda 'spensive!

Kim@ The Girl Can't Help It said...

Joan Collins wins as my favorite! Because, it's Joan Collins. (And she did Playboy? Weeeeird.)

Scott (gotankgo) said...

hubba hubba for the holidays - I remember those early-mid 80s covers

michelle_ said...

thx for ur comment keith !
where u from ?

thanks for sharing this with us !

visit my blog + comment + follow !

Daniela said...

Though I don't read Playboy at all, and don't take much of an interest in it to be quite honest, I do admit that the women on every issue you have shared with us is absolutely beautiful. My favourite is Brooke Shields' cover because it is a photo of her remarkably beautiful face. Thanks for the post!!

sexylegsandbody said...

Hey Keith, great selection of girls, my favorite is Farrah, always thought she is very sexy... but Joan Collins is also a traffic stopper.

Congrats to Jennifer for winning the Cold Plasma, hope you enjoy it!

Have a great weekend Keith!


Miss Eve said...

I love the one with Brook Shields! Also, I adore the Mariah Carey post below...Her Xmas album is one of my favourite...

Wishing you a peaceful weekend Keith, cheers: Evi

Jill said...

One Christmas, I was around 22, my aunt pulled me aside and asked me why I had posed for Playboy. I was a little taken aback...although a bit thrilled as well. It turns out, there was a college pictorial with a girl that could have been my twin!

Great post.

Wolf Boy said...

I was going to ask you a couple of things. I was in a hurry yesterday trying to finish up my Christmas shopping.

Do you have any of these issues at all?

Was it just your uncle that had a bunch of magazines or any other male relatives?

Keith said...

Hey Wolf. I'll respond to your questions here since you don't have a blog.

I've only one the Kim issue. I've been a subscriber off and on over the years. I do prefer Playboy of the past over the mag today.

Several of my uncles had porno stashes. My dad as well. They had a variety of mags. It wasn't just Playboy.

Ashley said...

cool post! I actually didn't know Farrah posed for Playboy!

Raggmunk said...


Pop Champagne said...

haha when I saw the title I thought Keith for sure would have Farrah in here and of course you did! You love her! and man sometimes I think you and I are insync cuz I just made a post about the newest cover of Playboy as well... LOL!

Melmo said...

dec '86 is absolutely the best one! She is just awesome.

Stephanie said...

Love the one of Kim Kardashian. She is so beautiful. :) She is definitely one of my favorites out there these days. :)

~kristie~ said...

Brooke looks amazing on that one cover!

Uranium Willy said...

These covers are wonderful. I have almost all the Playboy centerfolds in a folder somewhere and have wondered if I cold run them at the Uranium Cafe or not. I have posted a couple to go along with a post where an actress was also a Playmate but still am hesitant to do a post just on a centerfold girl. Who knows though. My traffic is getting lower these days. Maybe that is what I need :)