Monday, February 2, 2009

Sugar & Spice Receives The Dardos Award


Congratulations to me! I'm happy to announce that Jeremy at his amazing Jean Rollin blog Fascination: The Jean Rollin Experience has honored this blog by awarding it the Dardos Award. This is the first award I've received at either of my blogs, so I'm really thrilled with this.

I'm a big fan of Jeremy's blog. It was really wonderful to be given this award by him. I appreciate it very much. The award originated at Pierre Fournier's Frankensteinia blog. It's described as:

The Dardos Award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.

I am tasked now with picking five of my favorite bloggers to give the award to while following these rules:

1) Accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person that has granted the award and a link to his/her blog.

2) Pass the award to another five blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement, remembering to contact each of them to let them know they have been selected for this award.

This is a hard one to do. There are so many blogs that I love and enjoy checking out. I had to really think on this. These are the five I finally decided on:

1. Aschan Rantings - Molly is a very witty blogger. Her blog covers music, film, fashion & so much more. I always get a kick out of her latest blogs on whatever topic. She covers everything from the 60's and 70's to today's entertainment world.

2. Retrospace - Gil has such a wonderful retro blog. It helps bring back memories of the tv shows, music, movies, etc. that I loved back when I was growing up. His blog has also brought to my attention items of the past I don't even remember.

3. Midnight Confessions - Rev. Fred Phantom's blog has such great live reviews of various types of exploitation films and so forth. I enjoy seeing what his take is on these movies. Fred sounds like he's got a great personality. He seems to have a deep love and knowledge about the movies he blogs about.

4. The Uranium Cafe - Bill has one of the best looking blogs I've seen. I've learned a lot about movies of the 50's, etc. that I never knew. He's introduced me to many movies I've never even heard of. Bill posts everything from pictures to movie reviews on his blog.

5. I Spit On Your Taste - Nigel uses his blog as a chance to explore various details about the movies he loves. Since I've been visiting his blog, he's had fascinating posts on everything from Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS to Russ Meyer's Mondo Topless. It's inspired me to see some films I never have seen before.

There are so many other blogs I could have awarded this to. I apologize to anyone who feels left out. These are just five in particular that I thought deserved some credit and attention. All my blogging friends have wonderful and interesting blogs that I adore. By the way, I did not put these in any specific order. I just posted them as I decided on which ones.


gilligan said...

Thanks so much for the compliments. Coming from the maestro behind Dino's Lounge and Sugar & Spice is a compliment indeed!

Looking forward to naming my five faves in an upcoming post... but, as you said, it will be difficult, considering there's so much good stuff out there.


Keith said...

Hey Gil. You are very welcome. Thanks for your kind words too. This was quite difficult to do. There are so many blogs that I enjoy visiting. It's hard to narrow it down to five. I look forward to seeing your favorites in an upcoming post. Thank you for creating such a fantastic blog. I really mean that. You definitely deserve the Dardos award. Cheers!

Nancy Sinatra Fan said...

Hello Keith. Congratulations! I'm really happy for you. I love both your blogs. You are the reason after all I started coming up here.

Rev. Fred Phantom said...

Man, I'm getting all emotional and what not. I am truly honored to get this award from someone with so much class! Thank you , Keith.

I should also say that I'm familiar w/almost everyone's blog that you awarded and they are all awesome as well. The ones that I'm not familiar with, I will be sure to check out.

I will make my list ASAP.

Uranium Willy said...

Thanks Keith and I am in good company. I just found out about Midnight Confessions and I Spit and on Your Blog only a week or two back and love them. Of course I know about Gil and his work at My Retropace. A labor of love. I will have to check out the other blog I do not know about yet.

I have been really burned out lately with blogging to be honest and feel the strain of the two extra blog, as well the new back up blog for The Uranium Cafe which I think is a good idea even if the posts are duplicates for now. But a little something like this makes it worth my while. I will pick 5 bloggers as best I can, I think you know I have trouble with this part.

By the way, I have actually got yet another blog off the ground!!! what the!!! It is a strange one really and so far I have only posted my depressing poetry from over ten years ago on it. But I plan on putting up some drawings and personal reflections as well. Check it out and be the first to comment if you wish:

Jeremy Richey said...

Awesome are most welcome and I love your choices. Keep up the great work.

Keith said...

Hey Rev. Thanks for your comments. You are very welcome. You certainly deserve this honor. You've got such an awesome blog. I love those live reviews you do. I'm glad you like the other blogs that I gave this award to as well. I do hope any you aren't familiar with that you'll check out. I love them all. This was a hard list to make since I've got so many other blogs that I'm a big fan of. I look forward to seeing the blogs you give awards to. Cheers!

Keith said...

Hey Bill. You are very welcome. Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you are a fan of the other blogs that I gave this award to as well. Ashcan Rantings is generally different from yours and the other blogs. Molly has such a witty charm about her. She does really cool posts on music, etc.

I feel a strain myself at times with this and my Dino Lounge blog. It isn't always easy to figure out what to post next. I'm always trying to think of things I hope people will like. That's why I enjoy getting comments because it lets me know that I'm doing something cool and interesting to others. I couldn't imagine trying to do one or more other blogs.

I look forward to seeing your list of blogs that you give this award to. I had trouble with it myself. I felt like I was leaving other blogs that I love out. I didn't want anyone to feel bad about it.

Man, if you keep on going you'll have like a dozen blogs. lol Just kidding. I'll be sure to check it out and leave some comments. I hope you will continue to check out and comment on Sugar & Spice. Stop in to the Dino Lounge from time to time to see if there are any posts that grab your attention. Cheers!

Keith said...

Hey Jeremy. Thanks. Again I appreciate the honor. Plus I'm glad you are happy with the choices I made in giving out the award. Cheers!

Keith said...

Hey Phoebe. Oops. I almost didn't see your comment. I hope you will check out these other blogs. I know you more or less are only up here to lend me support on my blogs, but this are some cool blogs. Cheers!

molly said...

thank you so much!!
what a fantastic award, such an honour
i love your blogs too :)

Keith said...

Hey Molly. You are very welcome. You definitely deserve it. Thanks. Glad you enjoy my blogs. Cheers!

Steve Langton said...

Many congrats on your award. Well deserved. I'll check out the blogs you nominated. Already know Nigel's blog and it's a purler. Keep up the great work.

Keith said...

Hey Steve. Thanks. I appreciate that. I hope you like the blogs that I picked. Nigel does have a really awesome blog. Cheers!

kay21 said...

I'm very happy for you Keith big congrats to you.

Keith said...

Hey Kay. Thanks. I really appreciate that.